1857: The Sword of Mastaan

Author: Vineet Bajpai

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Lonesome songs of patriots dead… forgotten by the bards of Hindustan.

The haunting tale of a cursed ancient city, and of a ruthless foreign marauder.

Condemned to the crypts of history… a dark chapter, etched in red ink by white opium hands. It is the tale of a war immortal, long buried in the false coffins of a so-called rebellion.

As the magnificent Bandookbaaz risks everything in favor of life, the metropolis of Delhi emerges as the epicentre of an imperial genocide. A nation erupts in violent revolution – even as one extraordinary man stands between the hate of millions… and the love of one.

The Devil himself infiltrates the realm of men – guised in the unholy trinity of Theo the Reaper, Nicholson the God, and Hodson the Executioner.

Mastaan, Chhagan, Zafar, Manglo, D’Cruze, Shahbaaz, the Dervish, Fay and Ghalib – all are mere pawns in the savage hands of fate.

Befell a curse, on a trail of blood,

the measure of time forgotten;

He waits, he grunts, the dark djinn hunts,

till the grave of Delhi turns rotten.