One Life to Ride – A Motorcycle Journey to the High Himalayas

Author: Ajit Harisinghani

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Travelling across India on a motorcycle is an intimate way to get acquainted with its myriad cultures, each with their unique beliefs and lifestyle.

One Life to Ride takes you across the hot and dusty plains of India to the highest motorable road in the world — the fabled Khardung-La in Ladakh.

Along the way you’ll meet Sufi saints, fake fakirs and homesick soldiers.

You’ll get stuck in an icy road river and be miraculously rescued.

You’ll feel the stress an average Kashmiri experiences everyday. You’ll see how blind and dangerous religion can be if it is only followed in rituals and illogical beliefs.

You’ll see how friendly and hospitable everyone is on the roads of India.

You’ll come away feeling exhilarated, entertained and yes, also exhausted by the physical arduousness of the motorcycle ride.

Witty, reflective and honest, One Life to Ride is a daring, real-life adventure guaranteed to keep you turning the pages. Maybe even make you wish you were riding pillion.